Science Dome is designed to explore science, geology and geography in an interactive way.

Our service provides a fully digital mobile planetarium and natural history shows (rocks/ fossils and dinosaurs) to schools, colleges, youth clubs, scouts groups and playgroups. The service is provided in a blacked-out purpose built mobile domes which can be sited indoors using a school hall. Our domes are the most advanced digital domes in the country capable of showing 360 degree pictures and feature films.

We cater to your needs either for indoor set ups or outdoors big or small events. Having years of experience working for numerous schools, big festivals and local events. We cover the whole of the UK and are the biggest portable pop-up planetarium and science dome business in the country.

In addition we can bring to you our school coding classes with robot making. The sessions enables critical thinking, problem solving, maths, and the development of creative thoughts within children with our educational and fun structure. We offer the possibility of coming to our centre in Bournemouth as well. 

Call Neil or Linnie on school booking telephone line to discuss any requirements  - 01202 304734


Planetarium School Programme 

Events include:

1. Solar System Tour and Beyond - KS2/3
2. Space Exploration (Apollo Moon Landings) - KS1/2
3. Dinosaur Show - KS1/2/3
4. Rocks, Soils and Fossils - KS2/3
5. Earth and Beyond - KS1/2
6. Light/Dark and Space - KS1
7. Light and Sound - KS1/2
8. Ancient Egypt (or Greece) and the Stars - KS1/2
9. Under the Sea - KS1/2
10. Pirates and the Sea - KS1
11. Fractal Dome (Maths and Natural Symmetry) - KS2/3
12. Down to Earth (Fossils and Earth's History) - KS1/2
13. Nano Cam Show (Biodiversity at Micro-level) - KS2/3

The shows consist of using the dome, full dome 360 degree films and outside interaction, if time permits.

Programmes can be partial constructed by the school in advance of visit to reflect current classroom subjects.

A full day visit costing in the range of £530 (excluding VAT) with a typical day including up to five class shows. Half day rate for three shows at £430. Normally we can get to your school for the basic price of £530 excluding VAT, without supplements, unless far distance.

We may charge extra for a sixth show during the day. If your school is located near one of our dome bases (see below), then we may be able to come for a half day. Please apply for half day rates. 

Please be aware that we charge a travel and hotel supplement, if we are required to travel a distance from a base. 

Domes are based at the following locations;

Bournemouth, Brighton, Wimborne Dorset, Trowbridge, London, Leeds, and Newark in Lincoln.

Visit our website for further information and explore all the topics we cover with our portable planetarium for schools, groups, events and festivals. 

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VAT number 926 3431 30.

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We have small domes for a classroom or very large domes 7m for a school hall

No extra cost price for large domes