Bio Dome is designed to explore science, biology, oceanography and geography in an interactive way. The Bio Dome visits schools and clubs, providing an additional science resource and presenting a different learning experience to children.

Bio Dome Programmes

KS1/2 on 'Environments' on land and the ocean.

KS1/2 on 'Under the Sea'. 'Weather'. 'Pirates and the Sea'

KS1/2 on 'Mini beasts' or 'Tropical Reefs'

KS1/2 on 'Endangered Animals'

KS2/3/4 on 'Biodiversity' with images of an electron microscope and the latest 3D animation technology showing the five kingdoms of living things. We discover their characteristics, form and their importance for the ecosystems and sustainability.

KS2/3- Down to Earth (Volcanoes and Earth's History)

KS2/3/4 on 'Dynamic Earth' covering climate, ocean currents, ocean life and the changing world. In this programme we will look at;

· Life and the carbon cycle. Earth's climate control system depends on the ability of living organisms to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it long term.
· Plate tectonics and its role in the carbon cycle. Audiences will learn that CO2 emissions from human activities now outpace volcanoes 200 fold.
· Perspective on climate change. The program fills in major gaps in the public's understanding of climate change, by placing it in a broader context of what shapes Earth's climate.
· Venus. The story of our sister planet shows just how unique Earth is in its ability to regulate atmospheric CO2 and global temperatures.

Also available

• KS2/3/4 - 'Natural Selection'-- Adaptation and Evolution -- with our new film on Darwin
• KS2/3/4 - 'Origins of Life'. Start of life on Earth and possible life in the solar system.
• KS2/3/4 - 'Dinosaurs and past life'

Other programmes available-- see below website.

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